The Music Reviewers World View

This is my first blog, another step into the cyber world of the 21st Century!

So what should I write about? Well this weekend has been mainly focused on writing music reviews. I usually receive 6 albums, in this case 2 of these are double albums.

As I have a month to digest someone’s hard work which in one case has taken 25 years to make (!!), it is a serious task. Sometimes a reviewer can destroy an artists self esteem in 100 it is a delicate tool.Sadly in some reviews I have read, this appears to be the intent.

So here is my formula developed over 25 years of writing….

1.I just put the Album/Single on and listen without researching the Artist beforehand( although I may well know a fair amount about them).This hopefully will enable me to gain a feel of the Album/Single as a whole.

2.Ideally, as time allows point 1 is repeated again as often as possible-normally recordings need to grow on you.

3. Then it’s the research,… this is much easier now thanks to the internet but back in the nineties,if no information came with the recording, you could really struggle to find out details!

4. Writing it is the next challenge, English grammar is not my strongest suit, but once again computers help-but it cannot make it engaging in around 200 words! That’s my task.

5.Times this by 6!

6. I often write, then proof read later, maybe the next day, looking with ‘fresh eyes’

I do try not to attack people and their hard work, and hopefully I achieve this. Also I personally do not promote albums via Twitter unless I have given it at least 7/10 ,although it is out there for all to see!

So there it is, my first blog, hopefully you enjoyed it! Here’s to the next one!

Thanks for reading

Twitter address: @steveluffradio

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