Welcome to Tuesday Night!

Tuesday is a busy radio night for me as I spend it in the studios of Hospital Radio Bedford-and this Tuesday was no exception!

Before I get on air at 9pm, 2 brilliant presenters are on before me…

David this week is playing a hour of great Funk at 6pm, followed by Enzo whose musical theme is “All About The Boys”! While this is all happening from Studio 1,I am setting up in Studio 2…this is my view of Enzo in the other studio!


Before I go on air at 9pm, I am pre-recording a new 80s show to go out at different times to the Patients and Staff at the Hospital. This show is dedicated to 1983 with top tunes and trivia. The project is made up of 10 shows, 1 for each year 1980-1989!


The format allows me to record 3x18min sections and the computer will make it up to a hour with information e.t.c. I just get it finished in time for for my live 1970s! show at 9pm!

The show kicks off with a great song from The Temptations, followed by 3 Disco tracks (including a great 12″). The featured album is the last release of Simon and Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water, released in 1970 (the 17th best selling album of the 70s)

The teaser for the evening is based on identifying this singer from the decade….

IMG_1925052218175The answer is Olivia Newton John (4 correct answers via Social Media!)

The”Mystery Chart”follows which is made of 6 songs from the later revealed year of 1977.

Lastly, I finish with a track from Led Zeppelin’s album Physical Graffiti which was released this day in 1975!

It’s been a busy evening, which if it has made one patient’s evening a little easier, it was worth it!

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