Please Play My Song!


It’s been my privilege over a number of years to receive songs from New Artists looking for airplay. In the 21st Century, Social Media has changed the dynamic between broadcaster and performer-here are some thoughts that might help…..

1.Radio is still listened to by most people, even if it is just when driving. It remains an important resource for new introducing new artists.

2.It is critical to find a station/presenter sympathetic to introducing new artists to their listeners,rather than sticking to a set playlist for their perceived demographic.

3.Building followers on Social Media is paramount to gaining support. However, genuine support takes time & persistence..buying followers , although it may look impressive, these “figures” don’t listen to your music or go to your gigs!


4.Social Media, also enables you to build relationships with “radio people”.Bombarding them with unsolicited tweets or following/unfollowing, only winds them up. Also, direct messages can only sent on Twitter if you follow each other!

5.Support your new partner, by promoting them with your followers!


Twitter @steveluffradio


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