The 81st Best Selling Album Of The Seventies Is….

That’s The Way Of The World – Earth Wind & Fire (Released April 1975)

Featured on radio show Hospital Radio Bedford 19th April 2016


“Be A Giant Or A Grain Of Sand.Words Of Wisdom.Yes I Can” Shining Star (Opening Track)

By 1975, Earth,Wind & Fire were fast becoming hot property and  producer Stig Shore was looking for a band to feature in a film on the music industry. The film flopped,but the album proved to be a springboard for the band who would rise to superstardom during the decade.To date the Album has sold over 3,000,000 copies.

The album was recorded over 9 months in Colorado, and included their first million seller “Shining Star” featuring the distinctive falsetto vocals of Phillip Bailey. They also earned a Grammy for ‘Best R&B vocal performance by a duo, group or chorus’

The band’s success continued into the eighties resulting in sales over 19 million albums worldwide. During this time Phillip Bailey embarked on a successful solo career.


This included a highly successful partnership with Phil Collins and Gospel albums including the Grammy Award winning album’Triumph’



Pictures-‘Chinese Wall’ album featuring Phil Collins (above) and Phil’s first Gospel album ‘The Wonders Of His Love’ (below).

The Gospel albums invited some interesting press on Bailey’s Christian lyrics in comparison to Maurice Whites astrological views!

87e8991372ba3777aff6b862eccf8c01A different Top 100 album from the seventies is featured on my Hospital Radio Bedford show on Tuesday night

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