It’s Friday,Welcome To The Weekend!


Each Friday,it’s my privilege to broadcast on Black Cat Radio at 9pm UK time. The show, The Friday Night Jukebox, would be best described as eclectic, with its mix of established and new artists,covering a fairly broad range of genres.What makes it special however, is the people who join in….they are the nicest music experts you will ever meet!

With over 3 years under its “radio belt”, I thought I would share what happens behind the scenes…….

Preparation starts around 2 months before, in the case of last Fridays show (6 March), the new artists featured were being listened to in January.Often these are “found”on Social Media or the result of an album I have reviewed. The successful ones are appointed a date to be confirmed closer to the time.

The show follows a structure which is tweaked a little each week, looking a little like this..

Show opens with 3 tunes chosen by me, which hopefully sets up the weekend, with a show introduction.


The general format generally follows this pattern..

9.20 Local Weekend Events (with an additional slot of 10.20 if there are many)

9.35 Double Decades ( top two hits from a UK chart- this week March 1979 mixed with relevant trivia)

9.45 The first of our “Undiscovered Artists”- this can be increased up to every 15 minutes if there are more than 2 to be featured in the show

10.00 News

10.10 Million Sellers

10.35 Double Decades (this time March 1986)

10.45 The second “Undiscovered Artists” slot

10.55 Live Track to finish (although sometimes there are so many requests, that this gets dropped!)

Social Media plays a big role in the show….

On Wednesday, I start asking for local events in various Facebook groups and Twitter. I also add one’s I have found and those sent to me by email

On Thursday, I present a Musical Theme-this is where the amazing people who choose to give up 2 hours of their lives shine..I am constantly amazed/ blessed every week with what is sent in!

This week’s theme was chosen by a number of listeners the week before as I was unable to present a show, and they did their own instead (using YouTube videos)!!! “Entering Spring” was the subject- around 30 great ideas come in (the list can be found in my blog “Spring Is In The Air!”)

I am constantly lost for words at the build up to the broadcast that takes place by people I have never met face to face, but though the show we become great friends. This week, I even receive a picture!


Their comments/interactions (mainly on Twitter) are what make the show more of a family gathering than a broadcast…The 2 hours fly by!

…and there you have it, if you have time on a Friday evening why not have a listen, and meet some great people!

IMG_20150307_092415Twitter @steveluffradio


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