Songs for Mum!

7a8cdde895bbf06b746e2bad0fe64f15On my Black Cat Radio show on Friday the 13th March we were looking for Mother/Mum songs as its Mothers Day on Sunday in the UK!

As always the knowledgeable listeners had some great ideas, these were their suggestions….

Mother, Blondie

Mothering Sunday , John Roberts &Tony Barrand

On Mothers Day, Kiboomers

Mothers Little Helper, Rolling Stones

Mother, Pink Floyd

Your Mother Should Know, Beatles (2 requests)


Mama, Genesis (3 Requests)

Bahamian Rhapsody, Queen (2 requests)

Mother of Mine, Neil Reid (3 requests)

Mama We’re All Crazy Now, Slade (2 requests)

Ma, He’s Making Eyes At Me, Lena Zavoroni

Mama, Spice Girls (3 requests)

You Raised Me Up, Westlife

Shirley’s Her Name, Rory McLeod,

Does Your Mother Know, ABBA

Tie Your Mother Down, Queen (2 requests)

Sylvia’s Mother, Dr.Hook (3 requests)

Mother, John Lennon

Mama Don’t Let Your Sons Grow Grow Up To Be Cowboys, Willie Nelson

Mamma Mia, ABBA

Mother and Child Reunion , Paul Simon (2 requests)

Mamma Used To Say, Junior

Stacey’s Mum, Fountains Of Wayne,

Coat Of Many Colours, Dolly Parton

Mother, Danzig (2 requests)

Anything by Wings

Mother of Mercy Iron Maiden

Mother Russia , Iron Maiden

Revelation Mother Earth, Ozzy Osborne

Mother Kin, Guns and Roses

Mother Said , Metalica

Mamma I’m Coming Home , Ozzy Osborne

Your Mother Don’t Dance, Poison,

HiFi Mamai , ZZ top

Heat of the MOMent, Asia

Thanks everyone!

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