Shuffling With Boz!-A Top Album Of The Seventies


SILK DEGREES-BOZ SCAGGS (Released March 1976)

When it came to looking for a new producer in preparation for Silk Degrees, Box Scaggs made the decision to work with Johnny Bristol, who had successfully produced Earth,Wind and Fire. The result captured FM radio, a critical route in the mid-seventies.The album reached No.2 in the US and No.20 in the UK and so far has sold over 5,000,000 copies.

Three of the tracks made the Top Thirty in the UK, the most successful were “Lido Shuffle” (13) and “What Can I Say”(10).


The biggest success however, was a cover of the last track on the album “We’re All Alone” the following year by Rita Coolidge, introducing her to the UK chart and giving her the highest chart position of her career in the country (8).


Also,the song “Lowdown” received a Grammy for ‘Best Rhythm and Blues song’

With Silk Degrees, Boz had the right songs at the right time, sadly he didn’t manage to repeat the same success. The recording became the 43rd best-selling album of the decade.


The album was featured on my show on Hospital Radio Bedford on Tuesday  17th January 2017

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