The First Album To Sell A Million CDs-The Joshua Tree


  • Fastest Selling In UK History
  • First Album To Sell Over A Million CDs
  • Spent A Total Of 156 Weeks In UK Charts
  • U.S. Number One Album

Formed in 1976, the band formally known as The Hype and Feedback (a nod to their Punk influences),started with a hard-edged Rock sound which, after several albums and a historic Live-Aid performance,developed into a heartfelt,politically charged stadium band.The album ‘The Joshua Tree’ was born. Within 48 hours, 300,000 copies were sold projecting it to the top slot on the UK album charts.


Released in 1987 the album’s success generated two US number ones “With Or Without You” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. The UK did not give them a number one single for another year.



The latter, an anthem acknowledging the Christian faith of the majority of the band, while expressing their desire to go deeper. This song was repeated on the soundtrack to their film Rattle and Hum, released the following year, where a live performance featuring a Gospel choir was recorded.The Chimes also released a cover version in 1990, reaching number 6, giving the UK band their biggest hit.


The band continued to move from strength to strength, receiving numerous awards including Best International Group at the Brit Awards 5 times! They also continue to challenge the status quo, the latest being giving their album “Songs Of Innocence” free of charge to ITunes customers.


Featured on Black Cat Radio Friday 27th March 2015

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