Weekend Breeze….Songs For Windy Weather


On Friday 8th May we were looking for songs to describe the windy weather we were experiencing during the week!

These are the great songs sent into the show….

Anything By Earth Wind And Fire (2 requests)

Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler (3 requests)

Summer Breeze, Seals And Croft

Winds Of Change, Scorpions (5 requests)

She’s Like The Wind, Patrick Swayze (4 requests)

Blowing In The Wind,Bob Dylan (2 requests)

Candle In The Wind,Elton John (3 requests)

Dust InThe Wind, Todd Rundgren

Anything by Crystal Gayle

In The Air Tonight, Phil Collins

Air Refrigerator

Four Strong Winds

Storm In A Teacup

Summer Winds, Frank Sinatra

Sail The Summer Winds ,Lyn Paul

Summer Breeze, Isley Brothers (2 requests)

Mick Me Mate….. Kevin Wilson

Any Way The Wind Blows, Frank Zappa

Wind Crys Mary, Jimmy Hendrix (2 requests)

Save Your Love, Ronnie & Renato

Gas Panic, Oasis

Let It Go, Frozen

Gust Of Wind, Pharrel Williams

Windmills Of Your Mind,Noel Harrison (2 requests)

Winter Winds, Mumford and Sons

Rock You Like Hurricane, Scorpions

Ring Of Fire, Johnny Cash

Hurricane, Neil Young

Can’t Stand The Rain, Ann Peebles

Windy, Andy Williams


Four Strong Winds, Neil Young

Catch The Wind,Donovan

Cast Your Fate To The Wind, Sounds Orchestral

Mistrial Wind, Heart

Listening Wind,Talking Heads

Break Like The Wind, Spinal Tap

Reap The Wild Wind, Ultravox

The Storm, Big Country

Wayward Wind,Frank Ifield

Ride The Wild Wind, Queen

Gas Up My Hot Stoker,

Gone Like The Wind

Hand Me Down That Can Of Beans, Paint Your Wagon

Against The Wind, Bob Seger

Blowing In The Wind,Stevie Wonder

Gone With The Wind, Rita Tiaras

Let The Four Winds Blow, Roy Brown

Let It Blow, Dazz Band

HR Puffinstuff

Wild Is The Wind,David Bowie

Ride The Wind,Queen

My Friend The Wind ,Demis Roussos

Thanks Everyone!

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