Food And Drink At The Weekend!


On The Friday Night Jukebox  22nd May 2015, we were celebrating the Food and Drink Festival in St Neots that weekend, so that was our musical theme….and as always a feast of great suggestions came in!

Toast, Street band (2 requests)

The Bottle, Gill Scott Heron

Anything by Bread

Whisky In The Jar, Thin Lizzy (2 requests)

Tubthumping, Chumbawamba

Can’t Drink You Pretty

Rabbit, Chas and Dave

Mouldy Old Dough,Lt. Pigeon

Popcorn, Hot Butter

American Pie, Don McClean (2 requests)

Jambalaya, Carpenters

Strawberry Fields, Beatles

Nut Rocker

Breakfast In America,Supertramp (2 requests)

Red Red Wine, UB40 (2 requests)

Milk and Alcohol, Dr. Feel good

It’s a ‘hard egg’- Bonnie Tyler

Sweet Like Chocolate, Shanks and Bigfoot

Candy, Robbie Williams

Milkshake, Melissa

Brown Sugar, Rolling Stones

Honey, Mariah Carey

Candy Shop, 50 Cent

By The Way,Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Ketchup Song, Las Ketchup

Sexy Thing, Hot Chocolate

Heard It Through The Grapevine, Marvin Gaye

Philadelphia, Bruce Springsteen

Hard Candy, Counting Crows

One More Cup Of Coffee, Bob Dylan

Pasties and…, Tom Waites

The Piano Has Been Drinking , Tom Waites

Grapefruit Moon, Tom Waites

Ice Cream Man, Tom Waites

A Case Of You, Joni Mitchell

One Burbon……George Thorgood

If You Start Drinking.  George Thorgood

Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down, Elvis Costello

Country Pie, Bob Dylan

Margrataville,Jimmy Buffett

Get your Biscuits…


The Milkman of Human Kindness, Billy Bragg

Cold Beer…, Indigo Girls

Chinese Rock,Famines

Strange Fruit, Billie Holiday

The Grocer,Ewan McColl

Paulovs Bell, Aimee Man

Eat For Two, 1000 Maniacs

There’s a Guy….,Kristy McColl

Peaches,Presidents Of The United States of America

Pour Some Sugar On Me, Def Leopard

Thanks Everyone!

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