Music and Technology-A Marriage Of Convenience?

Once upon a time to listen to music, you either visited a venue or purchased some sheet music to play at home…..then a revolution happened!

 391ff6e86b3355b42b20895c17b18252Technology, on the whole has been a great friend to music…we can listen to performances from over a 100 years ago and it has made music more accessible and affordable.


As time moved on the quality improvement brought even more enjoyment…


But some might argue that in the honourable quest to hear more music, technology may be a poisoned chalice as the move to convenience has put quality second.

First came 8 Track…..



The format was not without its challenges, the name was inspired by the tape having “four sides” (of equal length) each with stereo channels- left and right. The result was often either edited or spit songs, or maybe long gaps!

Then the cassette…..


Originally designed for dictation in the sixties, quality improvement allowed for music while driving, and of course you could record on it!


Then in the late seventies, the Walkman was born…


Of course, Vinyl tried to address the portable issue in the sixties, but not with great success!


Radio continued its portable attack….


182b16eed32f8a1d3a098376b06353bdFormat wars commenced…..


42e9a68435570c3c4e529f42b092e799e468f4d00fbe3e393bef74793a283c21Then there was another revolution which addressed (in theory) home/portable and quality concerns….


Marketed as top quality (in reality different,as digital is basically data), virtually indestructible (not really) and portable (but with skipping issues)…..



CDs proved highly successful for the industry, as people replaced vinyl and the format moved into cars. Ironically, as the technology moved onto computers, the computer would prove to be the biggest threat as the iPod emerged….


Bringing a vast quantity of music without the weight!


But at a price as MP3s were poor quality in comparison to CDs.

Streaming offered unlimited music, issued from the cloud but quality and royalties reduced.


However, there appears to be a consumer rebellion as Vinyl begins to return in a demand for quality….


So the race is on…it’s never been more competitive!


Quality or convenience?


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