Review- 2059 Glyn Bailey & The Beholden.


I was first introduced to Glyn’s music through his previous album’s ‘Happiness’ and ‘The Disturbance’ It was apparent from this, that he is both a  accomplished lyricist covering an amazing range of topics (rarely covered by others) and a highly skilled musician, able to adapt to an infinite (it seems) eclectic range of styles! This has been built up over the years as a member of a number of bands including ‘The Urbane Gorillas’ and ‘Harveys Wall Of Sound’


Here on ‘2059’ Glyn continues this trend, but manages to pull out surprises for the listener when they are least expected. To aid him in this quest, are some rather talented musicians under the name of The Beholden…..

Liz Beahan-Violin/Vocals

Jamie Singleton-Piano/Keyboards

Phil Senior- Guitar/Backing Vocals/Arranger/MusicalDirector (He probably made the tea as well!)

John Gardner- Bass/ Backing Vocals ….and several guest musicians

This 10 track album starts with a great piece of story telling in “78RPM”…walking  past a rubbish bay and discovering a “Pile Of Shellac”, rescuing them and discovering great artists of the past. Apart from the unusual theme…Liz on the Violin manages to build an infectious energy into the song! The stories continue with “Showtime” describing a ‘freaky show with flower girls and a woman in a goldfish bowl’! There are also a few wonderful detours on the album…Glen takes on Slade’s “Coz I Luv You” and makes it his own while the delightful “The Wedding Song”, is a great picture and celebration of a wedding. The only track that did not quite work for me was “Chains” which presents itself as a protest song against tradition, religion and nation. Sounding like a cross between a chant and nursery rhyme, musically it struggles to be more than a novelty song on what is otherwise a creative album which refuses to stick to the ‘rules’!






The Wedding Song

A Night Of Memories

Coz I Love You

The Dance floor




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Twitter @steveluffradio


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