Review-Awakening , Matt Richley


This is Matt’s debut EP. He is based in Wales and has worked alongside another Welsh collective ‘Sound Of Wales’ whom I also recently reviewed. To understand Matt’s music better, he was recently interviewed by Mathew Reames of “All About Worship” where he described his writing as “geared towards the gathered Church”( The lyrics are faith based, his music is clearly accessible to all!


This 6 track EP manages to bridge the devide (although small at times) between electronica and the synth sound of many Muse tracks! The opener, the album’s title track, builds into a synth landscape with Matt’s vocals providing the pinnacle! “Your Mercy”, is very Muse/Killers like , while to a much slower atmospheric backing, Matt sings in “You Are The Rock”about how, when all around is changing, he will remain focused. For a debut, this collection will draw you in with its heartfelt self penned songwriting and its absorbing music. One complaint…it’s too short!



Twitter @mattrichley

Twitter @steveluffradio


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