Going Outside On A Friday!


On the Friday Night Jukebox broadcast on Black Cat Radio 26th June 2015, we were celebrating all the festivals taking place. Many great suggestions were sent in, here is the full list!

Baby It’s Cold Outside (2 requests)

Wind Beneath My Wings

Beautiful Day,U2 (2 requests)

Walking On Sunshine

Coma Girl, Joe Strummer

Dan’s Song, Frank Turner

Paint The Town Beige,Robert Earle Keen

Horizon Me And You, Travelling Band

A Campfire Song, 1000 Maniacs

Taking It Easy, Eagles

Waterloo Sunset, Kinks

Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush

In The Summertime

Upside Down, Diana Ross

Wide Open Space, Mansun

Bring On The Night,Sting

Out In The Fields, Gary Moore

Let’s Goo Outside, George Michael

Outside, Calvin Harris

Lovely Day, Bill Withers

Park Life, Blur

It May Be Winter Outside, Love Unlimited

Storm In A Teacup,Fortunes

Somewhere Over The Rainbow,Judy Garland

Strawberry Fields For Ever,Beatles

Feeling Groovy, Simon and Garfunkel

Dancing In The Moonlight, Toploader

Staying Out For The Summer, Dodgy

Inside Out, Odessey

Waiting On A Sunny Day, Bruce Springsteen

Up On The Roof, Drifters

In The Country, Cliff Richard

Fields Of Joy, Kenny Kravitz

7 Days In Sunny June, Jamirquai

Corner Of The Earth, Jamirquai

Higher Ground, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Beauty In The World, Macy Grey

Ragged World, Fleet Foxes

Up On The Roof, James Taylor

Rock Show, Paul McCartney

Thanks everyone!

Twitter @steveluffradio


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