63 Best Laughs in Pop Music

WCBS-FM 101.1

By Shannon Carlin

There are very few songs about laughter. There are songs about smiles and tears, and the way she moves and the way he talks, but laughter often eludes a description by songwriters. It’s best to just let it happen, whether on purpose or on accident.

Some of these laughs put to tape stand out on their very own, some are hidden and some are as noteworthy as the song itself. Could you ever listen to “Crazy Train” without thinking about Ozzy Osbourne’s maniacal laughter?

From Jay Z to Janet Jackson to Elvis Presley, some artists’ laughs have become as famous as they are. While other laughs will sound familiar because they’ve been used so often. Yes, that giggle on the “Macarena” is totally taken from another song, which also made this list.

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And when it comes to Grandmaster…

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