My Heart Will Sing-Keith & Jenny Raby (Album Review)


This is the debut album from couple Keith and Jenny Raby. Having spent a number of years in the Rock n Roll industry, they have produced an album expressing their faith. Right from the first track it is clear that their experience is present in spade loads! Jenny delivers a strong vocal performance throughout the album, reminding me of Sandi Thom in places. Keith on the other hand proves that music is his forte with skills that would put some musicians to shame. Many of the songs are self penned. The opener “You Are My King” has a catchy ‘La La La’ hook which refuses to let you go, this is probably the best demonstration of the versatile nature of Jenny’s voice which handles the challenge effortlessly!


Keith’s musical skills are highly apparent on tracks like “Battlefield” and the outstanding guitar playing on “I Cry Out To You”. The latter is also the strongest of the self penned songs which generally fit into the ‘worship’ category. One of things I appreciate about this collection is the couple are not afraid of diversify the musical arrangements especially in the percussion department, just listen to “Jesus You’re The One” with good headphones on!


Meanwhile, “Sing For The Lord” bursts into a rock beat halfway through followed by the Folk/European sounding title track! However, there are times when things don’t quite work out, the traditional hymn “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” is given a bluegrass makeover, but to me the arrangement sounds artificial. There are also two tracks with narration which, while well spoken by Tony Anthony, do not lend themselves to repeated listening. In summary, this is a good listen, demonstrating amazing talent from both Keith and Jenny. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future!



You’re My King


I Cry Out To You

I Am Free

Waiting For You Lord

Jesus You’re The One

My Heart Will Sing

At His Feet

How Great Thou Art

The Bus Story

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

The Good News



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