Joining Up With The Celebration Army!


I recently caught up with the guitarist from a new and exciting band,The Celebration Army, that is causing quite a stir at “Voice Box Live Towers”(wherever that is!),and did some investigating…..

-How long have you been together?

N: Just coming up on our 1 year anniversary!

– Can you introduce us to the members-who plays which instrument?

Oliver Pigott – vocals
Nelson Sobral – guitars & back up vocals
Leo Motta – bass & back up vocals
Troy Larabie – drums

There’s a strong r&b feel to your songs, what are your influences?

N: We were raised on a steady diet of blues, early r&b and soul music i.e. Stax, Motown.

FB_IMG_1437338944921– I love the track “The Man Keeps Coming” with its tight funk arrangements, you sound like you’ve been playing for years! What’s the song about?

N: Thanks! That’s down to our innate chemistry thankfully! As to what the song’s about you would have to ask Ollie who writes all the lyrics!

– Describe your typical gig!

N: it starts with a crash and a bang, we sweat alot, groove our asses off and then its over and we’re left smiling and satisfied.

– You appear to be using only certain download sites there a strategy here?

N: Youtube & Soundcloud seem to be the most used for streaming.

– Do you stream your music?

N: Sure. Soundcloud & Youtube you can stream all of our releases

– Would the “Talent Show” route be one you would consider?

N: I’m personally not a fan but whatever floats your boat!




Interviewed by Steve Luff

Twitter @steveluffradio


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