Kanye West has a larger vocabulary than Bob Dylan, according to study

Consequence of Sound

Over the last year, we’ve shared all sorts of interesting studies analyzing trends in popular music, including which artists have the highest vocal range, the average listener’s intelligence and wealth broken down by genre, and the whiteness of music. Now, a new study from musixmatch looks to discover which artists have the largest (and smallest) vocabularies.

Inspired by a similar study focusing strictly on hip-hop vocabulary, musixmatch expanded its data to account for 99 of the best-selling musicians across 25 different genres. Because not every one of these musicians has the same outfit, musixmatch limited its study to each musician’s 100 densest songs.

The results are fascinating: Eminem has the largest vocabulary, and it’s not even close. His 8,818 words are nearly 2,000 more than second place finisher, Jay Z (6,899). Tupac is No. 3 at 6,596 words. Sensing a trend yet? Of the top six artists with the largest vocab, five…

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