Music For A Blue Moon! (Moon/Space Songs)


On my Friday Night Jukebox show broadcast on Black Cat Radio 31st July 2015, we were looking for Moon/Space Songs as a Blue Moon was expected that night (first since 2012)! As always great ideas came in…here is the full list!

Blue Moon, Marvels (4 requests)

Anything by the “Moony Blues”

Like On Mars, David Bowie (3 requests)

Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Elvis Presley (2 requests)

Moon River, Breakfast At Tiffanys

Mr .Moonlight, Beatles

Moonlight, Music and You,Laura Greene

Bad Moon Rising, Credence Clearwater Revival (3 requests)

Moonlight Shadow, Mike Oldfield (3 requests)

MoonDance, Van Morrison (3 requests)

Blue Moon, Ella Fitzgerald

Whole Of The Moon, Waterboys (2 requests)

Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd

Space Oddity, David Bowie (3 requests)

Moon River, Andy Williams

Moonlight Drive, Doors

Moon Shadow,Cat Stevens (3 requests)

Fly Me To The Moon, Frank Sinatra (3 requests)

A Full Moon, Kinks

Under The Moon Of Love, Showaddywaddy

Rocket Man, Elton John (2 requests)

Walking On The Moon, Police (2 requests)

Venus As A Boy, Bjork

Supermassive Blackhole,Muse

La Luna, Belinda Carlisle

“Anything by Starship”

I Left My Heart…,Hot Gossip

Planets, Holst

By The Rising Of The Moon

Werewolf In London

Spacebar, Babylon Zoo

To The Moon and Back, Savage Garden


Space Cowboy

Out Of Space, Prodigy

Gravity,DJ Fresh

Space 2001

Mr Blue Sky,ELO

Sky Full Of Stars,Coldplay

Starships,Nicki Minaj

Man On The Moon,REM

The People Didn’t Want Me, Les

I also received this….


Thanks everyone!

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