Radio-90% of those who listen say their ears prefer it!

It’s an interesting time for radio, highlighted particularly today as I write this,as the quarter figures have just been published….

Based on the headline figures, things are steady with nearly 90% listening in one way or another. So why is this? After all the prophets of doom are predicting its demise following the increase of streaming. Even this month Amazon have announced a new music service following its trial in the U.S.



Of course, millions of songs, a virtual Jukebox if you like, serves a need..but what is missing is the interactive part, it’s what us humans are good at! This is what makes Radio something special (when it’s done right of coursei!). That voice with you in the car or in the kitchen, keeping you informed or making you smile. Siri Will keep you informed for example but it hardly replaces another person in the room!


What is interesting however, is when an internet company such as Apple launches a worldwide radio station…


The stats below do not include the Apple station, which of course will be charged for once the trial is over. Interestingly, Radio One, the station with the most to loose from Apple and streaming, given their target age group, has just grown its audience by 170,000 following schedule changes and previously falling to an all time listening low for a decade.


The overall stats make interesting reading including the steady growth of DAB despite the internet.


Times may be moving on, but it seems radio is still in good health after 100 years…


And we can’t do without it!501e50512cae398971d0e4c7696745c4

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