The Kind Of Music That Makes You Fall In Love


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“What is love like?”

Twenty20 / gabriellaluciaTwenty20 / gabriellalucia

“You know how when you’re listening to music playing from another room? And you’re singing along because it’s a tune that you really love? When a door closes or a train passes so you can’t hear the music anymore, but you sing along anyway… then, no matter how much time passes, when you hear the music again you’re still in exact same time with it. That’s what it’s like.” – Danny, Music From Another Room


Whenever I think about the people I could have loved, I always think about a song, their song. Their song was Teenage Dreams and You and I and Next To Me, and so many more of these. I would play their songs on repeat and my heart would be free to imagine their love.

The kind of music that makes you fall in love aren’t always love…

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