Thoughts On Talent Shows


Talent shows are never short of controversy…changes of judges, decisions made on who goes through to the next round or maybe accusations of rigging to gain viewers, it’s all there!

I have been championing new music and artists for many years…here are a few thoughts on the subject!

Talent shows are not new…

I am old enough to remember Opportunity Knocks in 1970s (with its clapmonitor!) , along with Stars In Their Eyes in the 1980s. There were several shows before as well.

Entertainment is the focus……

Contrary to the PR, the shows are focused on viewer numbers , not promoting new talent.This is highlighted by some of the strange choices by judges on who go through to the next round and on the choice of the judges themselves!


The hope being that the judge themselves will bring their own fans!

Perception of talent is a fickle businesses…

It is a strange fact that often those who come second or third do better than the winners, often proving that the public are basing their decision on the artists story, possibly the evening performance or song choice. Post show, many other factors will influence, such as producer, songs and long term image.

A false image of a music career is promoted……

Contrary to what is often thought, a successful artist has often spent years touring,trying to gain support from radio and social media, playing gigs with small audiences while doing a day job to make ends meet! The image of instant fame, money and success is very rare indeed. Even the Beatles were turned down by Decca before they signed with EMI!

Some music legends would never of made it on a talent show…..

I suspect the likes of Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger would never get through the first round as the the perception of “success” would not be apparent!


These shows have produced some successful artists, and some one hit wonders….if we see the shows for what they are- entertainment after a long week, then I feel we have the balance about right

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