I Hear Your Voice-Pete McAllen (Review)


Pete McAllen is an independent artist based in Cambridgeshire whose lyrical focus is faith based. My first encounter was at the Kingsstock festival were he preformed with his wife Lizzy, on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, delivering a mainly acoustic set focusing on songs from this his debut album.


The first thing that hit me was the man’s creativity which was very evident even with the most basic of instrumentation! On the album, with the benefit of technology, this becomes a lot more apparent.My favourite track is “Shadowy Place”, here is Pete setting his creative stall out,with waves of instrumentation and  his voice almost skimming across the top in a style close to Ed Sherran.For me this is where the album starts (track 3), the opening tracks offer a credible start but not a stop in your tracks entrance! In contrast, there are also beautiful intimate moments, the Title Track is an example, with vocals reminding me a little of Al Stewart,  offering an great song after a long day!

IMG_20150827_195713Pete can also deliver the foot moving moments..”Open The Gates” is an engaging song, with electric guitars driving energy into a Coldplay style anthem that would suit large venues! The album finishes with the personal “All I Am”, where Pete shares where he finds his completion. This album demonstrates an artist who clearly has done the hard work before releasing his debut  and shows Pete just starting a creative journey which will stand out in a crowded market place-we should join him on his journey!




Website http://www.petemcallen.com

Twitter @petemcallen

Twitter @steveluffradio

My blog on the Kingstock festival can be found here:



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