Hat In Hand-Cole Washburn (Album Review)


Cole’s debut EP ‘Travellers Moon’ proved what overnight success looked like, receiving 8 awards/nominations-so when his second release is let loose…expectations are high!


‘Hat in Hand’ features 9 Americana tracks…when listening two things hit me! Firstly, although it’s a different style, Cole’s voice reminded me of James Taylor in places, just listen to “Old Kentucky Home”or “Blue Skies (what I left behind)”. Secondly, the quality of the songs! Apart from the aforementioned, this is demonstrated in the story song “Turnin’ The Tide”, which quite frankly is outstanding!


Cole’s voice throughout delivers on the emotion and feeling – “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” is a fine example of his song delivery…you find yourself asking that very question! This is a great album that will only cement the career of this excellent artist – he has overcome the difficult second album in style!


The Wanderer

By The Way Of Sorrow

Old Kentucky Home

Turnin’ Of The Tide

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Blue Skies (What I Left Behind)

Long Road Home


Ode To Red Cloud (Instrumental)

Rating 9/10


Website http://www.colewashburn.com

Twitter @washburnsongs

Twitter @steveluffradio

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