Acoustic Treason-Elm Treason (Album Review)


Acoustic Treason is the second release from this New York Duo of Bob Steel and Andy Roman. Their first, ‘Days Of Reaction’ created a lot of interest worldwide including on my UK radio show. This new album presents, as the title suggests, them in an acoustic frame of mind and all the better for it!


The album was recorded in the U.S. and mastered by Sean McGee at Abbey Road Studios in London. Contained within its 13 tracks are acoustic versions of previous releases such as the first album title track “Days Of Reaction” and “With You” putting a different feel to the songs while maintaining the rock/ blues feel of the originals.


However, it’s the new material that does it for me such as the opener “Just Like Rock And Roll”. This is even more commendable, as often second albums can be a challenge for a band to keep the momentum going! The first album is built up and practiced in small gigs where the audience reaction is felt. Often the second does not benefit from the same tests and can be written while promoting the first. The temptation is to produce more of the same…something this duo has resisted!


However, some things remain, the slight retro vocal harmonies that would sit well with sixties groups such as the Hollies/Byrds or Bread from the seventies are present throughout, and the superb musicianship is stamped on every song. Listening to tracks such as “Home Alone Blues” and “Lilah” , just prove what accomplished musicians these guys are with amazing succinct guitar playing mixed with engaging harmonies! This album is a treat to listen to and grows on you with every listen!



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