Review of “Breakthrough” -John Scargall


My first encounter with John’s music was when I heard the catchy “A Little Bit Of Lovin'(If You Dont Mind)” and subsequently played it on my UK show in April. Now John has included this alongside 9 other tracks (some have been made available prior to launch) on his new debut album “Breakthrough”


Best described as ‘Country Rock’, the album achieves what many struggle with-engaging songs and positive messages. A case in point is “Live Out Loud”, where he declares ‘If I’ve Got One Life To Live/Gonna Live It My Way’ over a soaring electric guitar. The title track ballad continues the same theme while asking ‘Why Do You Dreamers Live Underground?’ While reflecting ‘Victims Holding Other Victims Down’, John clearly has a feel for challenging the listener with lyrics!


The album also achieves the difficult task of growing on you with each play, rewarding each time! I found my foot tapping with each listen! This album will stand the test of time and is a great introduction to a great new talent!


Tearin Me Up

That’s Winds Always Gonna Blow

A Little Bit Of Lovin’ (If You Don’t Mind)


Live Out Loud

Harder They Fall

I Would Do Anything

Two Face Factory

You Cant Hide From Me

Leave It On The Track



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Twitter @steveluffradio

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