Review-Strings Attached, LG Breton


This is the second release from this Canadian instrumentalist, composer,arranger and producer following ‘Consider It Done’.


The first thing that strikes you about the 5 track EP is, as the title suggests ,  features many string instruments – in fact they share centre stage with the vocals which gives the collection a refreshing feel but carefully avoids the trap of dominating the listening experience , guitars, banjos , violins, double bass and piano all join in the recording! Good headphones will deliver in bucket loads!

This is not the only thing the collection delivers…there is no shortage of song hooks either! The opener “For Better, Not For Worse” will get you after a few plays while the close up intimate vocals of “I Should Have Never Let You Go” will draw you in quickly! There is even a song in French…just in case you want something a little different!

This EP is a grower and particularly with the creative instrumentation, delivers something new with each listen!



For Better Or Worse

I Should Have Never Let You Go


If I Could


Twitter @LGBreton

Twitter @steveluffradio

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