Thankful For The Weekend (Thank You Songs)

On The Friday Night Jukebox broadcast on Black Cat Radio 20th November, we were looking for “Thank You Songs” as Thanksgiving was almost upon us…these were the great song ideas sent in!

I Thank You, ZZ Top

Thank You For The Music , ABBA (7 requests)

Thank You Very Much , Scaffold (4 requests)

Three Times A Lady

Thank You For Loving Me, Bon Jovi (3 requests)

Thank You, Dido (3 requests)

Thanks For The Memories, Fall Out Boy (3 requests)

Thank You, Led Zepelin (4 requests)

Thank You For Giving Me This Morning

Thank You, Boyz To Men

Thank You For Being A Friend, Andrew Gold (2 requests)

Thank You Baby, Shania Twain

Thankful, Kelly Clarkson

Thank You For Hearing Me, Sinead O’Connor

Thanks To You, John Denver

Thank You, Alanis Morrisette

Thanks For The Memories, Bob Hope (2 requests)

Thank You For The Days, Kinks, Kirsty McCall (2 requests)

Sufragette City,David Bowie

Thank You Girl, Beatles

Hey Thanks, Wonder Years

Thanks But No Thanks, Sparks

Thank You, Bleach

Thank You, Celine Dion

You’ve Got A Friend, James Taylor

Gratitude, VNV Nation

Err…Thank You everyone!!

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