Putting Energy Into Friday Night!


On Friday 11th December on Black Cat Radio we were reflecting on local news headlines that got countrywide attention in 2015! This time it was on this battery headline…


So we were looking for ‘Power/Energy’ Songs for the show..and here is the amazing suggestions sent in….

I’ve Got The Power

Electric Youth, Debbie Gibson

Power To The People, John Lennon

Are Friends Electric?, Gary Newman (3 requests)

Anything By AC/DC

Batteries Not Included

Electric Fever

This Bright Flash

Switch Up

Electric Bird, Sia

Electric Avenue, Eddie Grant

Ride Like The Wind, Christopher Cross

The Ocean, Led Zeppelin

The Power Of Love (3 requests)

Anything By Sparks

Robbery Assault and Battery, Genesis

Anything By ELO (2 requests)

She’s Electric, Oasis

Jumping Jack Flash, Rolling Stones

Burn Baby, Ash

Fire, Prodigy

Danger High Voltage

Gimme Fire

Third Light, Alarm

Power To All Our Friends, Cliff Richard

Thanks everyone!

Twitter @steveluffradio


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