Rebooting The Weekend!


On Friday 18th December 2015 we were looking back at some of years headlines about Cambridgeshire…This was the one featured on this show…

So we were looking for Computer/Technology/Machine Songs-these were the great ideas sent in….

Blood Theme, Data

Magic Numbers,Wax Tailor

Can’t You See,Technical Itch

Black Data,Fantastic Plastic Machine

Silver Machine, Hawkwind

Binary, Etienne De Crecy

Wires, Athlete

Circuit Breaker, Royksopp

The Call, Digital Analogue Band

One Robots Dream, Joe Satriani

Video Killed The Radio Star

Computer Love, Kraftwerk

Tin Machine, Tin Machine

…Combine Harvester, Wurzels (2 requests)

In The Year 2525,Zager And Evans

Together In Electric Dreams

Thanks everyone!

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