Man Goes Human -Album Review

The debut release from this five piece experimental rock band is full of surprises and delivers both the amazing and bizarre in equal doses!


The band consists of Paul on vocals,Noni on guitar, Anhad on drums, Kaprila on vocals and Shitij on bass. One of the best examples of the eclectic mix contained here is the engaging if strangely named “Ba Ba Black Sheep”,which manages in just over 5 minutes keep the listeners attention with its constant change of pace,cushioned with sweeping vocals from Kaprila!


Meanwhile, the track “Leave Me Or Love Me” has got to be one of the most lyrically confusing songs out there! Dispite this what is clear is the quality of the musicianship, listening to “I’d” is an example, especially Noni’s guitar playing around six minutes into the track! Not to mention the interaction with Anhad on Drums.


For those looking for something a little more traditional, the gentle “EEEE” with its simple but effective bass playing from Shitij, will deliver.

This is not an album for the musical faint-hearted, but if you are looking for something to challenge your ears, this seven track release is a strong contender!



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