Cool Tunes On A Friday Night! (Winter Songs)


On Friday 15th January 2016, we were reflecting on winter weather on Black Cat Radio….these were the great song ideas sent in!

Baby It’s Cold Outside, Tom Jones (3 requests)

Cold As Ice, Foreigner (2 requests)

Winter’s Tale, David Essex (4 requests)

It May Be Winter Outside…, Love Unlimited Orchestra (3 requests)

Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice (2 requests)

Hazy Shade Of Winter (2 requests)

Low Winter Sun, Dark Jokes

Ain’t No Sunshine, Bill Withers

Winter, Rolling Stones (2 requests)

Winter, Atomic Rooster

Highway 61 Revisited, Johnny Winter

Winter Melody, Donna Summer

Dean Martin

Road To Hell, Chris Rea

Southern Freeze, Freeze

Winter, Vivaldi

Cold,Rain And Snow,Grateful Dead

Bad Weather, Supremes

Disco Inferno

Bless The Weather, John Martyn

John Kettley Is A Weather Man

Texas Flood, Stevie Ray Vaughn

Artic World, Midnight Oil

Swimming Song, Loudon Wainright III

Thanks everyone (& be careful out there!)

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