Looking For The Weekend (Looking/Searching/Finding Songs!)


On Friday 29th January, on Black Cat Radio we were reflecting in song the amazing find in a Cambridgeshire charity shop! ( Details below)

These were the great song ideas sent in…..

Gonna Find Her, Coasters

Searching, Del Shannon (3 requests)

I’ll Never Find Another You, The Seekers

The Searchers (2 requests)

New Seekers

Looking For The Summer, Chris Rea

Black Cat Boogie, Chris Fender Black

Bear Necessities, Jungle Book

Search For A Hero, M People

The Seeker, The Who

Pedestrian Hoyle Road

Needle In A Haystack, Velvets

The Look Of Love, ABC

Still Haven’t Found…U2 (2 requests)

Searching, Coasters

The Search Is Over, Coasters

Searching, Hollies

I’ve Been Searching So Long,Chicago

Find Yourself, Meters

Jukebox, Help Me Find My Baby, Rhythm Rockers

When A Soldier Knocks, Moon McMillan

Finders Keepers (2 requests)

Thrift Shop

And this is the story that inspired the theme….


Thanks everyone!

Twitter @steveluffradio



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