Why Hospital Radio in the 21st Century?

Many Hospital Radio stations started in the 1960s and 1970s. The world was very different then-or was it? Yes technology has changed many things, including how we listen to music and radio for that matter. Gone are the little transistor radios running on 9v batteries, now people can listen on mobile phones, tablets, DAB and laptops.


Radio is a technology that is over a hundred years old, yet a recent statistic states that over 90% of Adults still listen regularly. If it was just their favourite music, a MP3 player would do the job nicely.Clearly there is another factor…people!

Radio feels like an interaction between 2 people, regardless of how many are listening, and in the context of Hospital Radio, that other person is in the hospital itself, playing music to help you as you recover. In the case of request shows, teams go around wards asking for requests to play on air.

What technology has helped with is it’s interaction, Hospital Radio is often on Social Media-Twitter  and Facebook, making contact even easier and often faster!

Hospital Radio is a friend with you while you recover in hospital, something no “Automated Jukebox” can achieve-why not have a listen?

Twitter @steveluffradio






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