Rescued By The Weekend (Hero Songs)!

Gather around music lovers…On Friday 1st April 2016, we were contemplating “Hero Songs” on Black Cat Radio as there was a hero event locally and a hero film in the cinema!

Here are the great songs sent in….

I Saved The Word Today, Eurythmics

Heroes, David Bowie (3 requests)

Kryptonite, 3 Doors Down

I Need A Hero, Bonnie Tyler (3 requests)

Hero, Mariah Carey

Search For A Hero, M.People

Superman, Black Lace

Superman, Five For Fighting

Twentieth Century Hero

Hero, Nicklebach

Flash, Queen

Hero, Enrique Iglesias (2 requests)

Billy Don’t Be A Hero,Paper Lace (2 requests)

We Don’t Need Another Hero, Tina Turner

Working Class Hero, John Lennon

Wild West Hero, ELO

Anything By Ozzy (Bats!)

Big John

Jukebox Hero, Foreigner

Heroes And Villains

Thanks everyone!

Twitter @steveluffradio


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