Friday “Knight” Music For St.George’s Day!

On Friday 22nd April, we were looking forward to St.George’s Day at the weekend, these were the great songs sent into Black Cat Radio’s Jukebox…

Hero,Mariah Carey

London Burning, Clash

Saturday’s “Knights” Alright For Fighting, Elton John

I Vow To Thee My Country

A Hard Day’s “Knight”, Beatles

English Civil War, Clash

England 2 Columbia 0, Kirsty McColl

Ignacio Park, Small Faces

Sex Pistols

George Thorogold

The New St.George

Ray Guns

Swords Of Thousand Men (2 requests)

Take Down The Union Jack, Billy Bragg

England Half..

Jerusalem, ELP

Crazy “Knights”, Kiss

Puff The Magic Dragon (2 requests)

Made In England, Elton John

A New England (2 requests)

Three Lions (2 requests)

I Need A Hero, Bonnie Tyler

Search For A Hero, M People

Geogie Girl

“Knights” In White Satin

Oliver’s Army, Elvis Costello

Anything By Gladys “Knight”

English Country Garden

Young Terks, Rod Stewart

Oh What A “Knight”

Streets Of London

Thanks everyone!

Twitter @steveluffradio



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