Ringing In The Weekend! (Telephone Songs)

On Friday 6 May 2016, we at the Black Cat Radio Jukebox, were looking for “Telephone Related” songs, following a suggestion from one of our listeners, Richard.

These are the great ideas sent in….

Hanging On The Telephone, Blondie (4 requests)

I Just Called…, Stevie Wonder (5 requests)

My Ding A Long,Chuck Berry

Chantilly Lace, Big Bopper

Call On Me

Telephone Line, ELO (4 requests)

Sylvia’s Mother, DR.Hook (3 requests)

Ring Ring, ABBA (3 requests)

Pennsylvania 6-5000, Glenn Miller (2 requests)

Call Me, Blondie (3 requests)

5-7-0-5, City Boy (2 requests)

Payphone, Maroon Five (3 requests)

Clouds Across The Moon (2 requests)

Telephone, Lady GaGs (2 requests)

Jailhouse Rock, Elvis Presley

Telephone Man (4 requests)

Wichita Lineman (2 requests)

Calling America, ELO (2 requests)

Hello, Adele (2 requests)

Jesus On The Mainline, Ray Cooder

Calling Occupants (3 requests)

Hello This Joanie

Operator, Number Please, Tom Waits

She Came Through The Bathroom, Beatles

Telegraph Road, Dire Straits

9 Times, Moments

Hotline Bling, Drake

Communication, Mario Piu

I Used To Hate…, Norma Jean

You Can Call Me Al, Paul Simon

Telephone Numbers, UK Subs

6355789, Wilson Picket

Hung Up Madonna

Call Me Maybe

Memphis Tennessee, Chuck Berry

Smooth Operator, Safe

London Calling, Clash

Thanks everyone!

Twitter @steveluffradio


One comment

  1. EclecticMusicLover · October 8, 2016

    All great songs on this list! My faves are “Telephone Line” from ELO, “Call Me” from Blondie, “You Can Call Me Al” from Paul Simon and “Wichita Lineman” from Glen Campbell.


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