One Real Big Identity Crisis-Permanent Smilers (Review)

During the month of May 2016, I have been featuring this album from this Norwich based band on my Friday night show on Black Cat Radio. Containing 13 songs, I featured a track each week. Feedback included comparisons with Paul Weller and Madness.


The band quotes influences such as the Stranglers and The Doors amongst others. Fronted by Rich Lemongrower (songwriter, guitarist  and percussionist) who, has worked on previous projects that have generated national airplay, writes the songs, sings them, and is responsible for guitars. He is joined by Jonny Cole (bass), Pete Fraser (drums). Dave Land (trumpet or flugelhorn) and  David Pye (mixing).

There are some great songs here. “Uh-Oh” and “Unforeseen” have a strong Madness feel, containing the same ‘tongue in cheek’ style while “You Know Where To Go” and “Elastic” have a late seventies punk/new wave vibe , that gets the feet moving, and I imagine would sound great live!

There are gentler moments as well such as “Ghosts” and “Rebel” which feature some nice production, but to my mind the band is at it’s best when it switches to top gear.

This is a great listen and is sure to gain many fans!


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