Escaping On A Friday Night! (Start Of School Summer Holiday /Escape Songs)

On Friday 22nd July 2016, we at Black Cat Radio’s Jukebox were celebrating (or otherwise) the start of the School Summer Holidays that are the great song ideas sent into the show!

Schools Out, Alice Cooper(3 requests)

Gotta Go, Geogie Fame

Please Release Me

We Gotta Get Outta This Place, Animals


The End, Beatles

Hello Goodbye, Beatles

Little Children,Billy J Kramer

Leaving On A Fast Train

Runaway, Bob Jovi

Go Now (2 requests)

Dancing In The Street

Beat It, Michael Jackson

We Don’t Need No Education, Pink Floyd (2 requests)

My Little Runaway, Del Shannon

It’s All Over Now, Rolling Stones

It’s Over, Roy Orbinson

Fun Fun Fun

Overjoyed, Stevie Wonder

Summer Holiday, Cliff Richard (2 requests)

Holiday, Madonna (2 requests)

Everyone Has Gone To The Moon

Mystery Train, UFO

Holiday, Scorpions

Here Comes Summer

Leaving On Jet Plane (2 requests)

Free, Denise Williams


Free Bird (2 requests)

Barbados, Typically Tropical

Beauty School Dropout, Grease

Airport, The Motors

Thanks everyone!

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