A Music Oasis in Bedfordshire! (KingsStock Festival 2016)

It was my second visit to this gentle and accommodating music festival held this year between 5-7th August. The previous year I visited just on the Friday and Saturday-I enjoyed the experience so much and discovered many great artists, that I returned for the full dose this year!

During the weekend, I experienced over twenty performances,making it difficult to highlight just a handful but here goes!

SPEAK BROTHER (Friday Night)

The Midlands based group set fitted nicely into the recent mainstream ‘Folk Revival’headed by the likes of Mumford and Sons and others, only lyrically there was a more positive feel with songs celebrating a long marriage relationship (2 Bands Of Gold) and addressing fear (Lions Roar) for example.



Jules set was on the ‘Woodland Stage’ , the name I would suggest influenced by the outstanding tree background to the stage! The music was perfect for an early Saturday evening with its soul/jazz feel and a crowd pleasing Aretha Franklin melody amongst the highlights.



By now the sun was setting and the fairy lights were on around the stage! Jasmin is an Australian now living in London. The set featured songs from the five track EP “Gold”, the title track and “One With Me” were highlights for me. I look forward to hearing more of Jasmin’s highly enjoyable mix of “folk/pop”.



Cornwall based Grenaways clearly have a loyal following, several at the festival! It did not take long for their infectious folk to take hold and dancing to commence! Apart from great songs (some in Cornish), I particularly loved the violin/trumpet backing which worked well. To me , the audience enthusiasm was at the same level as Verra Cruz the night before!


Other highlights this year were featured in my blog from last year including Daughters of Davis,Pete McAllen, Verra Cruz and Cenacle.

The link to that is here



In addition I have two reviewed two of the latest albums by artists that played at the festival this year




Dave delivered a great set on Saturday afternoon in between health calls to drink water and put on Sun lotion! The album made it to my “Top Of The Pile” list this year-more information here!




Pete’s set this year took place in the Garden Stage, which combined with a band (in 2015 it was just him and his wife Lizzy), the venue was the perfect location for his intimate style. The review can be read here.


In summary, KingsStock was an outstanding festival, which seems to get better year on year!

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