Enjoying Music On A Friday Night!

On Black Cat Radio’s Friday Jukebox broadcast on 16th September, we were reflecting in song “Music” as it had been in the headlines that week. Here are the tuneful ideas received…..

Thank You For The Music, Abba (2 requests)

Guitar Man, Elvis Presley

Song Song Blue,Neil Diamond

I Love Rock’n’Roll

Dance To The Music

Why My Guitar Gently Weeps (2 requests)

Words, Bee Gees

Just The Music

So Sad The Song

Don’t Stop The Music (2 requests)

I Love Music, O Jays

Silly Love Songs, Wings

Lost In Music, Sister Sledge

Mystery Song, Status Quo

Play That Funky Music

Music, John Miles (3 requests)

Don’t Stop The Rock

Rock n Roll Music, Beatles

Roll Over Beethoven

Money For Nothing

Piano Man

Video Killed The Radio Star

Music That Matters

Do Re Me…

Love Song Damned

Your Song, Elton John

Angel Song

Lemon Song

Turkish Song…

Swamp Music

I Can Hear Music, Beach Boys

Thanks everyone!

Twitter @steveluffradio


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