Getting Hungry On A Friday Night! (Food Songs)

On Friday 30th September at Black Cat Radio,we were reflecting on food in song as we entered the time of Harvest Celebrations.

We were fed with these great choices….

Harvest For The World (2 requests)

Lady Marmalade

Honey Don’t,Beatles

Strawberry Fields, Beatles

Brown Sugar,Rolling Stones

Breakfast At Tiffanys, Deep Blue Something

Fast Food Song

Popcorn, Hot Butter (2 requests)

Cold Turkey, John Lennon

BlackBerry Way,Move

Sweets For My Sweet, Searchers

Cornflakes Girl, Tori Amos

Ketchup Song

American Pie (2 requests)

Onion Song (2 requests)

Sherrie Baby

Food Glorious Food (2 requests)

Cheeseburger In Paradise, Jimmy Buffett


Breakfast In America, Supertramp

Eggs And Sausage, Tom Waits

Man Can’t Eat 50 Eggs

Philadelphia, Bruce Springsteen

Two Pints Of Lager….

Green Onions, Booker G

Apple Peaches Pumpkin Pie

The Distance, Cake

Mickey, Toni Basil

Guitar Man, Bread

Thanks everyone!

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