Lighting Up Friday Night! (Firework Songs)

On 4th November we were looking forward to the firework displays taking place that weekend..these were the great song ideas sent in!

Rocket Man,Elton John (4 requests)

Jumping Jack Flash

Jealous Guy

Bonfire Heart, James Blunt

Burning Love, Elvis Presley (2 requests)

Firework, Katy Perry (3 requests)

Great Balls Of FIre, Jerry Lee Lewis (2 requests)

Burn It Up, Hunter And The Bear

Disco Inferno (2 requests)

She Bangs, Ricky Martin

Relight My Fire, Take That (2 requests)

Eternal Flame, Bangles

Ring Of Fire, Johnny Cash

Boom Bang A Bang, Lulu (3 requests)

Sparks Fly, Taylor Swift

Remember, Remember…

Dancing In The Dark, Bruce Springsteen

Firestarter, Prodigy (2 requests)

Fireworks, Siouxsie And The Banshees

My Guy, Mary Wells (2 requests)

Charrots Of Fire (2 requests)

Fire, Arthur Brown

Light My Fire,Doors (3 requests)

Fire Brigade, Move (3 requests)

Fireball, Deep Purple

Blinded By The Light

Smoke On The Water, Deep Purple (2 requests)

My Friend Jack, The Smoke

Fire And Water, Free

Burn Down The Mission, Elton John

Anything By Earth Wind And FIre

Boom Boom…,Will Smith

Flash, Queen (3 requests)

I’m On Fire Bruce Springsteen

My Name Is Joe…

Wheels On Fire

Sex On Fire

Anything By Sparks

Fire And Rain, James Taylor

Ashes To Ashes, David Bowie

(Roman) Candle In The Wind, Elton John

Boom Boom, John Lee Booker

The Only Way Is Up, Yazz

Reach For The Stars, S Club

I Fell In Love With A Starship Trooper

Ignition, R Kelly

Bang Bang, Cherry

Burn, Usher

Thanks everyone!

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