Review of Cherokee Moon-Jerry Hull

Memphis born singer/songwiter Jerry Hull first came to my attention back in September this year, when I came across his music and featured a song on my Black Cat Radio show (“Looking For A New Tomorrow”). It is clear from this new double album (if you are  buying physical),  with its 28 tracks, we have a collection which manages to address different genres, with many twists, turns and diversions forming an evolving feast offering something slightly different with each listen.


Examples of the diversity here include “Misses Designer” with its nod to eighties rock or the title track with its ‘night sounds backing’ to numerous musical diversions. “Take It The Top” and “Social Media Drama Queen” reminded me of seventies Elton John, with its vocals and piano support, while “Roll on American” brings something different to the party every time, with its complex ragtime arrangements and a little nod to Meat Loaf!

It is clear that Jerry is a very talented musician, and Cherokee Moon offers treasures to the listener, however his frequent style changes often within songs, require concentration to gain the gems contained here!


Twitter @jerryhullsinger

Twitter @steveluffradio


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