The Computer says “YES”, it’s Friday! (Computer/Technology/Machine Songs)

On Friday 2nd December, we were thinking technology  on Black Cat Radio,following “Cyber Monday”…these were the great song ideas sent in…..

Video Killed The Radio Star, Buggles (3 requests)

Computer Love, Kraftwek

Hot Chip

(Micro) Soft Cell

Paranoid Android, RadioHead

Hanging On The Telephone, Blondie

Florence And The Machine

Are Friends Electric, Gary Nyman

Calling America,ELO

Wired For Sound, Cliff Richard

Together In Electric Dreams

Computer Love

We Are The Robots

Welcome To The Machine, Pink Floyd

Pocket Calculator

Clubbed To Death (Matrix)

Ghosts In The Machine, Police (Album)


Digital, Roni Size

Black Data

Wires, Athelete


LED Spirals (Ext version)

Blue Monday, New Order



Always On

Lying On A Beach, Joel Plaskett

Virtual Insanity

Thanks everyone!

Twitter @steveluffradio


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