New Single From Keith And Jenny Raby!


It was my privilege a few months ago to feature several songs from the couple’s second album “Floodgates” (review to follow) on my radio received a warm response from the listeners at the time.

This week I hear they are currently working on their third album release, and if this title track “Are You Ready” is an indication, we are in for a treat!

The winning formula is there..Jenny’s soaring vocals over Keith’s production talents, an indication of their vast experience of the “industry”. Here as before we are lyrically in the realms of Gospel Music, with repeated calls of “Are You Ready?”

What strikes me here is the clever production. There is good use of the over laying of vocals-including Keith’s in part! Also I enjoyed the piano introduction before the blues vocals of Jenny kick in.

I look forward to hearing more when the full album is released around August this year!


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