Review of Floodgates-Keith & Jenny Raby


My first introduction to this talented couple came via their debut album. “My Heart Will Sing”. It was clear from the start that their background in the ‘Music Industry’ had enabled them to develop into a creative force to be reckoned with.

Album two follows concerts and radio show airplay (including my own show), and shows a more commercial side with infectious hooks to their songs. Take for example “Running To The Arms” which after a couple of plays, is very difficult to get out of your head. Or “Soldiers” , with its recognizable rhythm of an army, cradled with Jenny’s “bluesy” voice-a musical marriage enough to set any lover of a good tune humming away!” Another is “Run to me”, showing what a creative musical force Keith is , the driving beat ladened production is an engaging listen.

The album finishes with a brief message from Rev Brian Grist…this keeps the collection in its lyrical faith context, although I have reservations over a spoken piece on a collection, as it is likely to be skipped over on repeated listening.

This an enjoyable album demonstrating how far they have come!


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