Celebrate In The Sunshine-Jerry Hull Album Review


It has been my privilege to feature Jerry’s music on my Jukebox show on several occasions, so the prospect of a new album from one of the hardest working men in music is both an exciting and intriguing idea!

Jerry has always been a master of story telling in song, and just a casual listen to the album will introduce you to a pilot (“Tally Ho Missus Bigglesworth”), “Buffalo Man” and an “Internet Radio Star”. In addition there is a nod to Halloween (“The Witching Hour”) and the title track which encourages the listener to “Enjoy The Sunshine” in these challenging times that we live in.

I particularly enjoyed the production, which has certainly moved on since the previous release, although I did find the reliance on sound effects a little ‘over the top’ at times. However, Jerry remains the master pianist, who continues to remind me of Elton John in his 70s glory days!

This is an enjoyable album which deserves exposure to a wilder audience, especially those who enjoy a slight retro sound!



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