Review of Daisy Hill-“Through Misted Eyes”

Daisy is a teenage, Cambridgeshire based Singer/Songwriter who is receiving increasing attention from local radio. Her style, similar to Lucie Silvas or Jewel, presents a  intimate vocal style which engages the listener. The opener, “Broken Treasure”, with its call to ‘hold me for a while, until I remember how to smile’, overflows with yearning which is beyond her young years, over a gentle piano backing. “Lisa’s Song” follows a similar pattern, heart-felt lyrics, full of emotion. The three track EP finishes with “Restless Heart”; here the piano is replaced with acoustic guitar and a slightly more adventurous vocal style, becoming to my mind, the most ‘ radio friendly’ song of the collection.

It is clear that Daisy is taking her first steps into the singer/ songwriter genre, demonstrating strong songs that continually deliver with repeated listening, and a vocal style that communicates with the heart. I look forward to hearing more from this new talented artist.



Twitter @steveluffradio




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