A Small Festival With A Big Heart KingsStock July 2021

2020 will be remembered for many things including the halt of music festivals and gigs. 2021 is still a challenge for the same reasons, and KingsStock has approached the year with an inventive solution, staging a one night mini festival with different acts at multiple points throughout the year named Firestarter Sessions. Friday 30th July saw the first of these held at Moggerhanger Park in Bedfordshire.

Two previous acts from previous festivals featured on the night with new songs and added “rawness” as like the audience, the live experience has not been felt for sometime!

Jamie and Sophie Gould hail from Devon and as Long For The Coast, deliver great harmonies exploring social and spiritual issues, as well as stories of Devon , Bristol and  San Francisco! Here they presented songs old and new, as a band rather than a duo with a chemistry that can be missing at live events. If I was to choose one song, “Hold On Brother” dedicated to a friend going through a difficult time was an outstanding moment!


Like Long For The Coast, Firewoodisland have played the festival before and also like LFTC , they have Bristol connections.  Stian and Abi bring an engaging mix of both organic and digital instruments to your senses, which work extremely well. The atmospheric sound of this duo is a joy to listen at anytime but in the beautiful grounds of Moggerhanger, there is is an added atmosphere that is hard to beat.


The event was a joy to attend and in these difficult times, a great way to hear live music again. A similar event is planned for 3rd September.



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